NetGear N600 Dual Band Wireless Router WNDR3400 Reviews

NetGear is providing the top-rated Networking equipment in the market including NetGear N600 Dual Band Wireless Gaming Router. It is an excellent device with exceptional, optimized, strong & steady Wireless throughput. NetGear N600 has a modern look with sleep and simple design. It is ready to provide the data speed up to 600 Mbps. The dual-band technology of the device helps a lot to reduce the interference of environmental factors and ensure the smooth connections over the distance and for a large number of Wi-Fi device.

The NetGear N600 Dual Band Wireless Router is one of the best Wireless routers for Online Gaming. It features the ‘ReadyShare’ USB feature which allows the multiple users to access the USB hard-drive connected to the USB port wirelessly. It also supports the Genie application which grans the user administrative control over the network.

Once you buy NetGear N600 Dual Band Wireless Router for online gaming you will get

  • N600 Wireless Dual Band Router.
  • LAN Cable.
  • Power Adapter.

The item is available only black in color.

NetGear N600 Dual Band Wireless Router WNDR3400

NetGear N600 Wi-Fi Dual Band Router Features

The NetGear N600 Wi-Fi Dual-band Router has comprised of amazing and stunning features which you will enjoy upon installing the router in the porch of your home. We have compiled a list of features of NetGear N600.

Dual Frequency Band – The NetGear N600 is a dual band router which is ready to deliver 600 Mbps data transfer speed collectively. The dual frequency technology reduces the interference to ensure the smooth and stable wireless connection.

Security – NetGear N600 features the Wireless protected access to the network. It features the latest security mechanism WPA/WPA2 and WEP. It also protects your network from DoS attack.

Genie Application – The Genie application makes it super easy for you to manage and monitor the real-time traffic. It also features the live parental control which allows you to do set as per your need. You can also set the filters and controls on the websites and even can define the access time.

Guest Network – With the help of the Genie Application you can create a separate network for visitors so that they can easily enjoy the internet without risking the security of your Network.

Compatibility – The NetGear N600 is highly compatible with the Windows, Mac, and Linus Operating System.

Wireless Protocols – The Router N600 complies with 802.11 Dual Band Wireless technologies.

ReadyShare USB – Multiple Wi-Fi users can access the USB storage simultaneously.

Easy to Install – Very simple and easy to install the package include the instruction manual.

Technical Specifications of NetGear N600 Wireless Gaming Router

Before heading you should have a look at the technical specifications of the NetGear N600 Best Wireless Gaming router.

Speed 600 Mbps (theoretical)
TECH Dual Band
Central Processing Unit 480 MHz
Wireless Protocol 802.11 a/b/g/n
Software NETGEAR Genie
Smartphone Application Yes Available.

The Goods

NetGear N600 is true Dual-band Router and also offer fast and long range of wireless performance.

  • Offer Guest Network.
  • Support Network Storage.
  • Support Traffic Meter.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Super easy to use, install, and configure. User friendly web interface.
  • Genie App Support.
  • 600 Mbps Data Throughput.

The Bads

  • The NetGear N600 Dual Band Wireless router doesn’t support Gigabit Ethernet.
  • The networking performance of the router can be improved.

Bottom Line

To sum up all, the NetGear N600 Dual-band Wireless Router WNDR3400 is one of the best Networking routers and available in the market with highly affordable rates. It is really worthy to install the router in the home to enjoy smooth, stable, and long-range Wi-Fi. So, what are you waiting for? Buy now NetGear N600 Dual Band Wireless Router.

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