Top 10 Best Ways To Boost Your Home WiFi


Having internet access wirelessly is the most wonderful invention the modern times of internet. If your wireless network does not perform as you need it, there are a lot of solutions to improve the efficiency of the router. If you want to know that how to boost Wifi signals? Then you are landed at the perfect place. In this guide, we are going to explain the 10 perfect ways to boost the signals and enhance the performance of your home Wi-Fi.

Placement of the router:

When you buy a new router, the first step after reach home is to fix it in a safe place, but all the places are not really good for your router.

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First of all, you should not place it closer to the metal and home appliances which release the electromagnetic waves. Also, you should not fix its location near the electric wires because it reduces the efficiency of the router. Place it in the center of your area and also make sure that it is placed above than the ground level.

Get Your Router Updated (Best Way To Boost Wifi Signal):

There is a lot of news around us that there are more than one billion malware attacks the businesses and individuals every year. These viruses attack the router which is running the old firmware. These malware infects the router then steal bandwidth and spread the virus to all the devices connected with this router. That’s why the firmware of your router should be updated. The updated firmware not only repel the malware but also it helps the router for delivering the better performance as compared to the old firmware.

Stronger antennas:

All the Wi-Fi devices come with the small antennas because the strong antennas are comparatively large than the antennas that came with the router. The easiest way of increasing or boosting the Wi-Fi at home or office is to buy a new powerful antenna. All the antennas use the same connector, so you just order your new antenna and connect it with your router.

Password Protected WiFi:

The first step after setting up your router is to protect it with an encrypted password. Choose the password which cannot be easily guessed. For guests, latest routers offer a separate guest network which you can configure with a different password and also you can limit its range and bandwidth. The most important thing you should know is you must change the password often.

WiFi Extender(How To Increase Internet Speed):

The best way to increase internet speed is to use the extender offered by multiple companies with a lot of features. They are known by different names, Wi-Fi booster, Wi-Fi repeaters, and Wi-Fi extenders are all the same things. Here we gather a list top-rated Wi-Fi range extenders which are mentioned below:

  • AC2200-Nighthawk X4 Wi-Fi Mesh Extender. It improves the coverage which works with existing router having the same name and delivers a great range of up to 10,000 feet.
  • AC750-WiFi Range Extender. It offers the dual-band technology which delivers the best speed. It extends your range to 2000 square feet.
  • AC2200 Nighthawk® X4S Wall-Plug Tri-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender. It works with all the devices supporting WPS. Its range and throughput may vary because of the different operating environment.

These extenders pick the signals, explore them and transmit the signals again. The setup takes just a few minutes and you are ready to experience the wider range of your network. Some of the extenders offer an app to customize the settings for getting the optimal performance.

Switch to another Channel:

The WiFi routers can broadcast on different channels for delivering the optimum performance. These channels are like highway lines which manage the traffic. Almost all countries use six channels which can never be overlapped (1, 6, 11, 14.). Every router has its default channel which is 1 or 6. With the lack of information, many people leave this on the default which results in the low speed and hanging. This is because a number of packets are driving on the same channel. So you should find out the channel which is used the least and switch to it.

Controlling the applications and clients:

If you are using a bandwidth hungry application it will lessen the downloading and uploading speed for all the other users of the same network. The latest technology routers offer a support service which is named as QoS, this service permits to limit the certain applications and also helps in limiting the client’s usage.

Change the Wi-Fi Band:

Modern wireless technology offers excellent download and uploading speed as compared to older technologies. You should make sure that your connected devices are compatible with the technology of the router.

For instant short-range boosting you can switch your band from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. The 5 GHz wireless frequency is less busy than the 2.4 GHz and performs faster at short distances.

Attach an Access point:

A router provides a fixed number of connections and limited range. If you want to increase the capacity and range or you want to add more devices to the network you should try another router as an access point. Here we will guide you through the steps which helps you to configure your router as an access point.

  1. Connect the modem with the Ethernet cable to the computer.
  2. Go to settings
  3. Turn DHCP on
  4. Connect the Router 2 to the computer
  5. Disable the DHCP
  6. Assign a manual IP address to router 2.
  7. SSID and password should be same as router 1.
  8. Power off both devices.
  9. Connect them with a wire and turn on.

Your access point is ready to use. It will extend the range and the capacity of your network.

Bridge Mode (Speed Up Internet):

Bridge connection is also known as a wireless repeater, it receives the existing network signals and rebroadcast them. This is helpful for extending the range and capability of your wireless network. It does not require a cable connected to the router. Here’s our helpful guide on how to extend wifi range with another router without cable.

  1. Connect the router with your computer.
  2. Open a browser and navigate the IP address of the secondary router in the bar.
  3. Go to the setup page.
  4. Now set the “connection type” to “Bridge Mode”.
  5. Now open the “address menu”.
  6. Specify an IP address from the line of offered IP addresses by the router 1.
  7. Also, fill the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway with the same information as the router 1.
  8. Click save and reboot the router.

Now place it where you want, and experience a wireless connection.

A Reboot can do a lot:

Expert suggests that one of the most solutions for all devices to be work properly is to switch off and on. This thing also applies to wireless routers. Sometimes a reboot is proved enough for increasing the speeds and performance of the WiFi routers. Because a reboot clears the cache and memory of the router and also allows to install updates.


With the help of these ten best ways to boost Wifi signal, you will face minimal problems in boosting your home WiFi network. We assure you when you will come to the number 10, you will feel your network fast and reliable than before. These steps will help you in boosting your small network and make it smart after boosting.

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