TP-Link Archer C2300 Review 2018

TP-Link Archer 2300 is one of the best and the latest networking product which has been released under the flag of the TP-Link recently this year by the Shenzhen-based company. This router comes with the latest technology the Deco M5 Wi-Fi Mesh System in order to cover each and every aspect of the Wireless Wi-Fi Routers. The Home Wireless Mesh systems are one of the hottest things right now and together with Deco M5, this is one of the best mid-range Wi-Fi Router.


The TP-Link Archer C2300 is available in the market with a highly pocket-friendly price tag and offers a solid range throughput and MU-MIMO (Multiple Users Multi Input Multi Output) data stream. Moreover, this router has additional antivirus and malware protection system which ensure the maximum safety and security of your home network. Other features are Quality of Service, parental controls, and very simple, quick, and easy to configure and install.

TP-Link Archer C2300 Review 2018

TP-Link Archer 2300 Technical Specifications

TP-Link Archer AC2300 is a dual-band router which provided good data transfer rate. On 2.4 GHz it provides 600 Mbps and on 5 GHz is offer 1625 Mbps. It also features the latest wireless protocols 802.11ac technologies and many others like MU-MIMO Data Streaming, beamforming for targeted signaling. It also consists of a strip of LED at the top of the router which depicts the status of power, ports, WPS activities, and USB Activities. On the left side of the router it is equipped with the WPS and reset buttons, a Wi-Fi on/off button, a USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports.

It also features the 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 1 WAN ports, and a power button. Moreover, comprised of 3 highly adjustable antennas with high gain. The TP-Link Archer 2300 also support the link Aggregation, this function allows the user to combine two separate LAN Ports to get the data transfer speed up to 2 GB.

TP-Link Archer AC2300 Features

The TP-Link Archer AC2300 comprised of amazing and appealing features which amuse the customers for long. Lets explore these features together.

  • One of the highly-affordable Wireless Router with pocket friendly price tag.
  • Equipped with latest & advanced technology.
  • Support MU-MIMO data streaming.
  • Together with beamforming & high gain antennas serve the connected device directly rather than on broad spectrum.
  • Best for gaming, chatting, and surfing the internet.
  • Consist of highly latest encryption technology to ensure secure and safe network.
  • LAN aggregation option to merge the connection of 2 LAN port and generate output up to 2 Gbps.
  • Best combination of software and hardware. (Dual core 1.8 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM).
  • Support TP-Link smart connect and HomeCare.


  • Highly affordbale with low price tag.
  • Offer good throughput at close range.
  • Simple and easy to install.
  • Built-in virus and malware protection with HomeCare.
  • Consists of Parental controls.
  • Latest & Advance technology.
  • MU-MIMO data streaming & targeted beam forming.


  • Long range throughput can be better.
  • File transferring speed can be improved.

Final Verdicts

TP-Link Archer AC2300 is undoubtedly a moderate device with highly affordable price tag. But it is equipped with all the latest technology and ready to give the maximum throughput rate and low latency rate. All the users are highly satisfied with its performance and none of them leave negative rating.

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